Honda CB125F Bike Review: Is it a Game Changer? (Video)

Honda Atlas has finally unveiled a new bike in its 125cc category branded as the CB125F. In the year 1976 Honda launched the CG 125 bike in Pakistan. The bike was an instant hit in the market and enjoyed a complete monopoly.

However, the company adopted a feeble strategy and has been providing the same bike without any significant changes for over three decades.

CB125F is available across the country at the selected dealerships. We got our hands on the newly launched motorcycle and here is our first impressions and initial review.

Origin of Honda CB125F

If you are wondering regarding the origin of the bike, Honda CB125F was launched in 2015 in China and is available globally with the same name. CB125F is one of the popular sporty city bikes known for its balance in fuel economy and performance.

However, following the norm of international auto companies in Pakistan, Honda is not providing you with the same international version of the bike. Little changes and modifications have been done in order to save the manufacturing cost.

Design and Styling

Honda has impressed me with the overall design language and styling of the bike. The design follows the established pattern of contemporary city bikes, and that’s a good thing to opt for. Honda didn’t go overboard with the styling and has provided an elegant, modern-looking, and sleek CB125F to Pakistani consumers.


The design of CB125F surely serves both purposes; standing out in the crowd while keeping things simple and straightforward.

Front Light

Halogen tube has been provided in the headlight, and it has a good throw, so visibility is not an issue here. The shape of the headlight is quite athletic and synchronic. However, Honda did an odd job in providing the same side mirrors and indicators similar to the one we find in Honda CG125.

Chassis and Build Quality

The bike is broad-shouldered and has a muscular mass-forward stance. CB125F has all-metal chassis having 2043 x 742 x 1095 mm dimensions. The length of the bike is 2043mm which is less than Suzuki GS150 but as the bike is targeted for urban commuting purposes, it’s good for maneuvering in traffic.


The build quality of chassis, paint, and plastic is up to mark. I didn’t notice any flaws whatsoever in this area. Even a commendable job is done regarding the quality of plastic cables covering different wires.


Honda CB125F has OHV (overhead valve) engine having four strokes and five liner shift gear transmission. It’s the same engine similar to Honda 125 Deluxe. To cut the manufacturing cost, Honda didn’t go for a new engine, and that’s truly unfortunate and lousy.


The bike engine has got a longer stroke than the Bore, which will translate into better torque but poor fuel efficiency. For understanding; Bore is the diameter of the piston while stroke is the length which it sweeps up and down. It’s the choice that companies have to make between extra torque or fuel efficiency.

All Forward Gears

Five gear transmission is provided in Honda CB125F with all gear in forwarding direction. Although the modern sports bikes mostly feature one forward and four backward gears, it seems the company has taken the decision to accommodate the users converting from CG125 and the other bikes having all linear gears.

Seat Comfort

If you are coming from Honda CG125, the seating comfort will surely blow your mind. All the bikes in Pakistan under the engine capacity of 100cc have hard bench-type seats which starts giving a rider cramps even after half an hour of the journey.

Honda CB125 seat is better than Suzuki GS150 and enjoys the likes of the Yamaha YBR series. The seat is no doubt exceptionally comfortable and will not tire you in the longer commutes. The aluminum grab rail is also there, which is a nice addition.

Furthermore, for the ladies who ride with a partner in front, the seat is not curved but almost straight unlike YBR. That means it will support the traditional riding posture of the ladies.

Other Features

Disc Brake

The front disc brake is provided by the company with holes which make sure that it gets cooled quickly.


CB125F has also got adjustable shocks and a wet clutch.

Right Handle Bar

On the right side of the handlebar self, the start button has been provided.

Left Handle Bar

The left side of the bar features a light switch, indicator buttons, dipper, and horn buttons. Unfortunately, no engine kill switch is there.


The bike cluster is the traditional type with RPM and speedometer. Indicator and Neutral lights are also there. CB125G also supports a fuel gauge, which will help riders with the current status of the fuel quantity.

Performance, Sound and Fuel Efficiency

The dry weight of the bike is 122kg, and it has got a fuel tank of 12.3 liters. Like I stated, its the same engine which we see in Honda Deluxe and CG125 which means it will inevitably underperform as now the weight has increased but not the horsepower.

The icing on the cake is the compression ratio, and the bike gives 9.2:1. This ratio means that no optimum amount of fuel will be converted into mechanical energy leaving a good amount wasted. We can’t quote you the exact fuel average of the CB125F as the bikes are still completing their initial engine running period. However, I am not optimistic about the whole scenario.

Speaking of the sound of the bike, the muffler is designed in a way to provide a strong feel. Forget the sound of CG125, and this machine sounds way better. CB125F has an ample amount of grunt, and there is no shrill at all.

Price and Availability

CB125F is readily available across Pakistan at the dealerships. The bike has been launched with three color options; Red, Black, and Blue. The bike is priced at Rs. 159,900 while the special edition will cost you Rs. 161,900.

Color options

Final Thoughts

Now coming to the central questions; Is it a value for money and Is it a game-changer? The bike has got a modern sport looking design with the adequate build quality. You will not be having issues regarding the availability of spare parts as Honda is famous for its services.

Yes, it is a good bike, at least a refreshing change in the Honda lineup but not a game changer.

If you ask me about the value of money. Unfortunately, Honda is not providing such a thing with CB125F. The bike is expensive and doesn’t offer the consumers the features they are paying for. In my opinion, the bike should be priced around Rs. 135,000. Cosmetically things are crude-like indicators, and also no new engine has been added.

If you want us to feature a head-on comparison of CB125F with Yamaha YBR, tell us in the comment section below.


Engine4 Stroke 125cc OHV Air-Cooled EngineSeat Height789 mm
Displacement124.1 cm3Ground Clearance 120 mm
Bore & Stroke56.6 x 59.5 mmPetrol Capacity 12.3 Liters (Reserve 2.7 Liters)
Compression Ratio9.0:1Wheel Base 1294 mm
Transmission Continuous 5 Speed MeshDry Weight 122kg
StarterSelf-Start/Kick StartTire at Front 2.75 – 18M/C (42P)
Final DriveRoller ChainTire at Back 90/90 – 18M/C (51S)
Dimension(LxWxH)2043 x 742 x 1095 mm

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