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ECO Light in Honda BRV is Just a Gimmick

The people who are in gut-wrenching and unfortunate possession of Honda BRV might have noticed that when they stop at the red light or lift their foot from the accelerator, an ECO light turns on in the instrumental cluster. So what this light is all about?

If you are wondering where is the switch for this ECO mode and still unable to find it, let me help you. Actually, you have been played by Honda as there is no such mode in the car and that light is just a pretty gimmick. The company may be thinking that the bright green light in the speedometer will make Pakistanis happy and of a view that they are driving economically.

What is an ECO mode with a switch?

First thing first, let’s understand what is an ECO mode and what functionality it provides? The ECO mode seeks to reduce what increases fuel consumption, so it controls the response when you step on the accelerator to avoid sudden accelerations; as well as the operation of the air conditioning systems. Even if someone floors the accelerator pedal, the mode lets a little fuel pass from the throttle valve, helping the fuel efficiency.

It also cuts the fuel supply and turns off the car when it detects a small stop and starts the engine when you press the clutch or just move the steering wheel.

The benefits of ECO driving are:

  • Savings of 15% of fuel
  • Global reduction of environmental pollution
  • Reduction of 15% of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere
  • Reduction of noise pollution

ECO Assist System without a switch

There is also a system that works without any toggles which means they remain on all the time. The assist system displays lights; green means that we are driving optimally to save fuel and white means that more fuel is being used.

Such type of assisted system is used in Honda Brio, an entry-level car. The system is of little use as it just tells you how you are driving and never assists you by controlling the inlet of fuel.

De-facto Honda BRV ECO

Ironically, Honda has placed neither an ECO switch nor an ECO assist system in the BRV. The green ECO light which you observe while the vehicle is at a stand-still is just a gimmick. When the RPM is at 0 the cluster shows a green light and as soon as you press the accelerator, the light switches off. Logically, the light should remain on at least up to 2000 RPM.

Besides this fraud ECO light, Honda BRV has several other issues too. It portraits itself as a seven-seater car but in reality, it’s a six-seater vehicle. For a six-seater car, there is no air-conditioning supply to the endmost seats.

Some readers will be surprised to know that Honda BRV was launched in Pakistan in a very crude and sneaky manner. The company asked for the pre-bookings of the car by showing just a picture while hiding its specs. This might be the only such launch in the world.

With the new auto policy in place to encourage new entrants in the market, we hope that companies follow the international business rules and fair play strategies while offering value for money vehicles.

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