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How to Get Duplicate Number Plate From Punjab Excise

After the news came that Punjab Excise and Taxation Department is set to launch customizable vanity license plates for automobiles, there is much hype that why this decision is made, and will it have some fruits or just another scrape idea?

We don’t know it yet but while waiting for the new number plates to get official, we try to address the menace people with lost or damaged number plates are facing.

How to get a duplicate number plate

You have to visit your nearest Punjab excise office in order to apply for the duplicate number plates, yes, that means you have to be present physically there, and much to disappointment you can’t apply for the mere number plates from the comfort of your handsets.

Before you head to the office, make sure these things:

  • The car must be registered in your name.
  • If you have bought a used car, get it transferred in your name otherwise there is no solution.
  • All due token taxes must be paid.

Required Documents

  • Photocopy of your National Identity Card(CNIC).
  • Photocopy of the registration book.
  • An application that your number plate is lost or damaged.
  • Form filled with all the details mentioned, you can download it from here or can get it from the excise office.


  • For Motorcar/Jeep: Rs. 1200
  • For Motorcycle/Bike/Scooter: Rs. 750


  1. Head to the office.
  2. Pay the fee at a prescribed window.
  3. Submit all the documents.

Your duplicate number plate will be delivered to the address you mentioned in the form by the TCS courier service.

Risk of Non-computerized Number Plate

First of all, it’s an illegal activity, the use of fake number plates is a cognizable offense under section 97A of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, you can be imprisoned for one year or a fine of Rs. 100,000. Secondly, when you are going to sell your car, the buyer will not buy a car without a computerized number plate.

So we highly recommend that if you are a victim of the lost or damaged number plate, apply for a duplicate as soon as possible to avoid any mishap.

Before hopping behind a wheel, always make sure that you carry your driving license, take proper care of your car and the pedestrians while you commute or travel.

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