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Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road, Lahore

If you wish to visit the best place for lunch but want to stay specifically on MM Alam Road, then let me help you decide where to dine in. MM Alam Road is a hub of restaurants, each better than the other. However, I have narrowed the list down to the 5 BEST restaurants where you should have lunch at least once.

1. Café Zouk

Café Zouk is a casual dine-in on MM Alam Road, that is considered one of the classics! Ever since I can remember, Café Zouk has been my family’s go-to place for lunches. It’s located right next to Sweet Tooth so if you want a nice dessert after a good lunch, you could easily go to Sweet Tooth too!

It’s a really cozy place since it’s small. However, I feel that a bigger place and too many seating options might make it noisy when the restaurant’s full. Other than that, their menu is a 10/10 since you have a wide range of Thai and Italian dishes you can order from.

For starters, their Dynamite Shrimps are great to eat.

For the main course, I’d suggest you try their Thai Fiery Chicken, or their Chicken Chilli Dry if you want Thai food. For Italian food, their plates of pasta are great, and their Cordon Bleu is definitely a best seller! It will cost you about Rs. 1,500 to dine in at the cafe.

2. Tuscany Courtyard Lahore

Tuscany Courtyard is a really famous restaurant based in Islamabad. It opened up just recently in the past 2-3 years in Lahore, and people have loved it ever since. It’s an Italian Cuisine restaurant, and you can enjoy all kinds of pasta, pizzas, and other cheesy dishes!

They have some great starters as well. Its located on the main MM Alam Road.

For main courses, I’d suggest you try their Chicken Parmigiana and Polo Tuscan Chicken. Their food quantity is literally as large as the range of their menu. It’ll cost you about Rs. 1,500 to dine in there with the main course and drink.

3. Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is one of my favorite places in Lahore to have lunch at, and even for dinner! Since it is located on MM Alam Road, it’s quite easily reachable for most people whenever they want to have a fancy lunch date with friends or family.

Aylanto is a fancy Italian dine-in restaurant, with a great ambiance. This place is probably my favorite for its pleasant atmosphere – quiet atmosphere, fantastic interior, and even better service!

And the food is remarkable. Café Aylanto also has an outdoor courtyard you can have food at. It’s a nice place to have lunch at especially during the winters! However, under 18 children are not allowed access to the whole restaurant so keep that in mind when you go to dine in there!

I’d suggest you have their Fettuccine Pasta in Prawns and Parmesan Chicken. It will cost you about Rs. 1,500 here as well for ordering the main course and drinks.

4. Spice Bazaar

So enough of Italian and Thai cuisines, Spice Bazaar is an authentic Desi cuisine restaurant! It gives you an extremely traditional feeling once you walk into the restaurant, so the ambiance is a win. And the food is matchless! I personally feel like good Desi food restaurants are really less in the city, and Spice Bazaar has to be the best. So if you’re craving that masalaydar tikkay, you better come here!

Spice Bazaar isn’t precisely located on MM Alam road, but on the street just nearby and right next to Tenth Avenue Mall.

It’ll cost you around Rs. 1,500 to dine in here. Their BBQ is my favorite, so I’d suggest you try it!

5. Freddy’s Cafe

Freddy’s Cafe is a place I had probably spent most of my time at when I was a child. It was my family’s favorite place for lunches. And to this date, its standard has been maintained! Freddy’s Cafe is a multi-cuisine restaurant.

I personally LOVE their steaks! There sandwiches and burgers are some of the best ones in town. They even offer great hi-tea if you want to try it. They have a huge menu, ranging from Italian Pasta to Afghan BBQ platters. But the one thing that you’d want to know is they have special “Weight Watchers” dishes, which are for people who don’t want to consume any extra calories! It will cost you around Rs. 1800 to dine in here.

The ambiance and service of Freddy’s are great. Again, it is located on MM Alam Road and a recommended place to visit!

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