Top 5 problems with new Honda BR-V in Pakistan

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Honda BR-V

The much awaited Honda BR-V was officially launched in Pakistan in 2017. The company started pre-booking of the first locally manufactured midsize seven-seater SUV at the end of February.

In a country dominated by people with sedans, it certainly does put a unique taste in the auto world. While the Honda BR-V has many impressive specifications but many of its shady features can easily put you off from buying this compact SUV or say a cross-over.

Let’s review all the lacking we could see in the new Honda BR-V:

Single SRS Airbag

Honda BR-V dashboard

Pakistan is a unique country with amazing automobile standards, where people never get an airbag in their vehicles, unless they are buying from brands like BMW, Audi or a used Japanese imported car etc. But in Honda BR-V we do get this feature, but only for a single person.

The new safety feature in the midsize SUV can save the life of the driver in the case of head-on collision, but if you’re sitting in the passenger seat; you’re screwed.

Out of the six countries where Honda BR-V is now present, only Pakistanis don’t get the dual airbag system

Meaning the BR-V riders in India, Malaysia, Philipines, Indonesia and South Africa can survive a car crash while Pakistanis can get ready for a ride to hospital.

Under Powered

BR-V has been given a familiar treatment of a 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine found in the Honda City Aspire. Now you have to understand the designs of both vehicles, Honda City is much compact sedan and is made for a maximum of 4 to 5 adults. Honda BR-V is an MUV for seven persons and is larger in weight and size than Honda City. City also produces more horsepower than BR-V and has single AC instead of dual.  All these facts speak themselves that this is an underpowered vehicle.


Honda BR-V interior

The top priority for anyone who is looking to buy a seven-seater SUV would be a comfortable experience. Whether a person is going for inter or intra-city experience, they would not want to be pushed together with the other passenger like some chickens.

The new Honda BR-V doesn’t disappoint us when it comes to comfort but it gets congested with seven people in the car. The front seats of the vehicle are actually quite comfortable, the second row can be folded 60:40 and the 50:50 splitting option for the last row can actually provide ample options for the owner.

But the last row seat can specifically get congested with three people, especially while undertaking a long trip. Although, it’s a seven-seater compact SUV, we truly think its 5-6 seater, if you’re looking for a comfortable experience.

Push Button Start

Honda-BR-V Push button start

Though this new amenity is not a new feature for all the people who do not reside in Pakistan, but for us, it’s still a pretty big deal (we’re always introduced late to the good technology).

Honda BR-V in Pakistan doesn’t offer a push-button start, meaning we’re still being forced to become un-cool with the same old key. In the rest of the countries, various variants of BR-V offer this feature, but cannot be seen in the standard or S model of the vehicle.

Price of Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V despite being manufactured in Pakistan is priced quite high given the lack of safety and security features and some other problems that we’ve mentioned above. In Pakistan, the launch price of the base model i-VTEC is Rs. 2,229,000. Let’s review the prices in other countries:

  • In India, the starting price of BR-V is ₹ 899,350 (equal to Rs. 1,461,278)
  • In Malaysia, the price of BR-V is RM 85,800 (equal to Rs. 2,044,552)
  • In Indonesia, i-VTEC S variant was available priced at IDR 233,000,000 (equal to Rs. 1,858,629)
  • In South Africa, the starting price of BR-V is ZAR 239900 (equal to Rs. 1,932,123)
  • In Philipines,  the starting price of BR-V is ₱ 989,000 (equal to Rs. 2,081,139)

*The prices mentioned here are mostly the starting prices.