Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator

Changhong Ruba Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator Series

A refrigerator is one of the essential home appliances in our homes, and perhaps it is a highly in-use item that is, one way or another, connected with the health of your family. Why? Because it has to maintain the quality of our food. So we need to look for when buying a refrigerator?

  • It should give maximum cooling
  • It should be spacious to put all the stuff easily
  • It should consume lesser energy
  • And it has to be good looking

Changhong Ruba’s Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator series is one of the many options on the market, which is the company’s premium range of machines. Let’s find out if it is capable of meeting the above requirements, and is it really the value for money?


A fridge isn’t only meant to take care of your food and energy consumption; it needs to be a good-looking machine. This Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator comes with an all-glass door panel that gives an exquisite look and blends nicely with your home decor. It comes in three colors; red, brown, and steel grey. As the name suggests, the last one is a steel body, whereas the first two feature the glass on the front.

Changhong Ruba Smart 4D DC Inverter Refrigerator series launched in Pakistan market in three color variants: Glass Door Red, Glass Door Brown, and Steel Door Silver and is available in the following sizes and capacity; 308Ltr, 338 Ltr, 378 Ltr, 418 Ltr.

On the top right corner, we find the technology description “Smart DC Inverter”, whereas, Changhong Ruba’s own branding is prominently visible just below the top edge of the machine.

Since it’s a full DC Inverter series, a digital display controller is fixed underneath the company’s logo on the freezer door. This is the real brain of the fridge that governs the entire machine from outside. It’s a nicely designed control panel that is touch-enabled and looks very premium on a glass surface.

Refrigerator on Screen Digital Display

Apart from this, Changhong Ruba has sprinkled the front door with flower icons, perhaps to give another message, the machine is environment friendly.

Another design aspect of this Smart DC Inverter fridge is the plain and spotless backside that is otherwise filled with awful-looking condensers mostly muddy for being inaccessible. The refrigerator condenser is hidden inside the body and spans on all three sides; left, right, and back. A clean backside gives an ample opportunity for keeping it clean.


Changhong Ruba claims that Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator can get as low as minus 32 centigrades in its top compartment. How does it do it? The refrigerator comes with an open evaporator system on three sides. In contrast to the concealed evaporator system, it is more helpful for getting the lowest temperature. Changhong Ruba has designed this system keeping in view the hot weather in Pakistan. To ensure the evaporator doesn’t get damaged while cleaning or putting hard stuff inside, Changhong Ruba has concealed it behind a metal surface, which is specially coated so that rust can not affect the surface in any way.

Refrigerator Turbo plus cooling technology

Key Features

  • Minus 32 degree,
  • Open evaporator for fast cooling,
  • Three sides condensers
  • Keep frozen up to 137 hours in case of power failure,
  • 1 Hour Fast Freeze
  • European Standard A++ Energy Rating,
  • Lifetime warranty for compressor,
  • Energy-saving up to 70%, Rs:13,000/Year saving,
  • Super Wide Voltage working, 120 to 280 V,
  • Working on UPS, Generator properly,
  • R600a gas
  • Digital Display and Controller
  • LED Light

The company tells that this Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator’s lowest temperature (-32 degrees) is the lowest in the country since the closest competitor has only managed to offer minus 25 centigrades. This feature provides 1 Hour Fast Freeze that is helpful for quick cooling. To keep the cooling inside, particularly at the time of load shedding, the Refrigerator is surrounded by a 72mm thick foamy wall that ensures maintain cooling for up to 137 hours.

Another annoyance we usually encounter is the stiff rubber, also known as the gas kit that doesn’t allow the door to get closed properly. This Refrigerator has a feature of a removable gas kit, which provides a convenience to wash it, at least every six months, for keeping it soft and clean. It can be easily removed and replaced and last as long as you wish it to be. However, it is definitely available as an extra part should it get damaged or cut.

A++ is the European Union energy label, a rating system for electronic devices which translates that the machine maintains a high level of performance and energy consumption. The refrigerator boasts an A++ rating label that makes it one of the most energy-efficient home appliances.

European Union Rating

The refrigerator bottom area/refrigerator part can be regulated from 1 centigrade to 8 centigrades, and it is separately manageable from the digital display controller right on the front door. Once you have fixed the compartments’ temperature, you can lock the panel to avoid accidental touches. Changhong Ruba recommends choosing the smart cooling option since this will optimize the cooling and energy consumption based on the inside food load. Available Vacation Mode is also beneficial for users in case of non-use of refrigerators for more extended periods.

Refrigerator fast freezing speed

Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator is a perfect power solution based on LVS – low voltage startup. It is recommended to run it on 240 volts, but the fridge can efficiently work on full capacity, even 120 volts. Changhong Ruba has successfully tested the refrigerator on 500 Watt UPS and a solar plate that is enough to keep it going with all the features functioning.

Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator High efficiency compressor

A compressor is the heart of a refrigerator; Changhong Ruba gives a lifetime warranty. Apart from this, there is a one-year parts replacement warranty that comes with this refrigerator.

Smart DC Inverter Refrigerator Features

Changhong Ruba’s Smart DC inverter Refrigerator Glass Door Models are made up of colorful crystal glass panels, offered in Red and Brown bright colors with scratch resistance, and can be used for a long time.

Refrigerator Crystal Glass Panel

Changhong Ruba has priced the premium glass door and steel door model at an affordable price for Pakistan. So if you are looking to get a new refrigerator, consider the features and benefits of Changhong Ruba’s Smart DC inverter refrigerator series that might be an excellent value for your money.

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