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New United Bravo 2019: What to Expect?

Last year was big for Pakistan’s auto industry as many famous global auto manufacturers started building their assembly plants in the country including Volkswagen, and Hyundai. However, the most amazing development was the surfacing of a local company with their brand new entry-level car.

We are talking about the United Bravo 800cc car from United Motors. Not only did we break the news for you, but we were also at the launching ceremony and presented you with the full coverage of the event. You must have also read about our featured article explaining the good and bad about United Bravo.

As we are in 2019 now and companies like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki will be launching their 2019 models of vehicle lineup. The same goes with the United Bravo, the 2019 model will feature somewhere between or at the end of this year. So what are our expectations? What should the company include and what should be the must-haves for the upcoming model? Let’s dive in.

Design and Exterior

Frankly, the company had amazed us with the design language and exterior build quality of United Bravo. The steel chassis and even the paint job are up to the mark, and we don’t expect much change in this department.

The shape of United Bravo is quite modern and aerodynamic and much ahead of Suzuki Mehran which is about to discontinue this year. The front lamps and LED backlights are also trendy and sleek looking.

Interior Cabin

United Bravo Cabin

The interior of United Bravo features wooden panels along with the dashboard and the doors which gives it a premium look. The gear knob is also placed keeping in mind the comfort of the driver. However, there are some significant issues with the quality of the plastic inside.

Though most of the cars available in Pakistan have substandard plastic even witnessed in cars with bigger price tags of above 2 million, we hope that United Motors will resolve this issue. We know that United Bravo is an entry-level car and don’t expect anything luxury here, but the plastic parts should not be clumsy.

Other than that, the interior of United Bravo is up to mark, and especially the company has given a lot of thought to the outlook of the instrumental cluster.

Legroom and Seats

The head and legroom at the back seats of United Bravo are not sufficient at all. In the longer journeys, it might cause discomfort to the passengers at the back. However, as it’s a small hatchback and not up to the standards of Japanese domestic market cars. We don’t expect the company will go for an overall design change this year.

United Bravo Back Seats
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The awkward thing the company can easily change is the quality of seats. The seats are not at all comfortable and even lack proper paddings. At least the company should work on that, and they must launch United Bravo 2019 with some improvements in the seats of the car.

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Fuel Consumption and Auto Variant

United Bravo comes only with a manual transmission. If you are residing in big cities of Pakistan like Lahore and Karachi, you know the pain of driving a manual car in city traffic. The company promised at the launch event that they would bring an auto variant.

United Bravo 2019 should come with an automatic transmission option.

This 800cc car is basically made for commuting purposes with occasional hometown visits. It’s not a car built for extended families but a family with two to three kids. As it’s an entry-level car and the people buying it have fuel consumption as their top priority, United Motors has to improve it. We would love to see a better fuel average from the upcoming models of United Bravo.

Having said that, United Bravo is an excellent option if someone wants to buy a brand new car and doesn’t show interest in used cars.

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If you want to buy United Bravo and wondering about the booking process, take the help of our guide. United Bravo is priced at Rs. 850,000 and its value for money for now. We know that you want cars to be inexpensive in the country, but it depends a lot on Pakistan’s economy and rupee stability.

The government should also work on the technology transfer and localization of complete auto parts. With the increasing competition in the auto industry, soon you will be having inexpensive, value for money, and featured packed cars. Wait for it!

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